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Exploring Big Buddha, Hong Kong

Big Buddha Ngong Ping 360

A visit to Hong Kong is never complete without a trip to the Big Buddha statue, Hong Kong. And the journey is best done in the Ngong Ping cable car.

For those of you who know about Hong Kong  (You can read more about Hong Kong here ), Tung Chung is the place from where you get a cable car also known as the Ngong Ping 360, which connects Tung Chung to Ngong Ping for a breathtaking ride to the Tian Tan or the Big Buddha as he is known and the Po Lin Monastery.

This is a visit to be done peacefully. A beautiful ride, a tall giant statue of the Buddha in sitting position and a tranquil monastery…all with a serene backdrop. Life is beautiful 🙂

The stunning cable car ride..the Ngong Ping 360

Definitely, one of the most awesome cable car rides in the world. This ride shows the green and mountainous side as well as the lovely sea sights of Hong Kong in its full glory. It takes around 25 minutes for the journey from Tung Chung to the Big Buddha.

The imagery around is stunning. I highly recommend taking the Crystal Glass Cabin for the trip ( check https://www.np360.com.hk/en/ for more information on latest ticket prices, attractions etc.), if it is your first time.

It gives absolutely breath taking views of the stunning vista of the sea, the green mountains and the lovely views. See for yourself:-)

the ngong ping cable car 360
Beautiful scenery
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Another stunning view
View of the Macau bridge

The cable car ride ends at the Ngong Ping Terminal which is right next to the Ngong Ping Village. Once you reach the place after a thrillingly beautiful ride, it’s a lovely walk through the cobbled street of this quaint little village which again has many attractions and souvenir shops.

There are many eateries and also a Seven-Eleven Shop.

A little ahead is the Statue of the 112 feet tall Big Buddha, constructed from 202 bronze pieces and is 34 metres tall. It is visited through the year by a large number of tourists.

Big Buddha at Ngong Ping Village
Big Buddha in all its colourful glory

 The Buddha statue denotes the harmonious relationship between people and faith, set amidst the lap of nature.  A total of 268 steps lead to Buddha. However, there is also a small road for vehicles etc. so that any one with a physical disability is also able to visit.

Beneath the statue are three halls and there is a relic of Buddha inside which can be seen only by visitors who purchase an offering for the Buddha.

Po Lin Monastery

The peaceful Po Lin monastery is just steps away. The monastery is more than a century old and was earlier known as the ‘Big Thatched Hut’. It was set up by three Buddhist monks in 1906 and is now a world renowned monastery (more information on https://www.plm.org.hk/eng/home.php ).

Po Lin Monastery

The monastery also has a vegetarian restaurant which serves delicious food. There is a park outside which has some stone benches and tables and it is very peaceful to sit and chat or simply have some food under the shade of the trees.

The Wisdom Path

There is another attraction which sometimes gets overlooked (I went there when I went visiting the Big Buddha for the 3rd time!) but is a charming attraction which should be visited. It is barely a 10-15 minute walk from the Big Buddha.

On the way, you will also meet some cows peacefully grazing away.

The Wisdom Path is a monument which has 38 columns made of wood with the centuries old Heart Sutra inscription on them also known as the Mahayana sutra and brings out in brief, the essence of the thoughts of Buddha and the secret of life.

The place offers amazing views of the green mountains and the blue seas.

The wisdom path

I have now been to these places many times and still every time I feel awesome. This trip deserves at least half a day, and if in Hong Kong, please do not miss it.

Good to know:

Timings : The Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery are open between 10:00 and 17:30.

Accessibility : There is no fee for anything except in case you want to go inside the Buddha. A total of 268 steps lead to Buddha. However, there is also a small road for vehicles etc. so that any one with a physical disability is also able to visit.

How to reach : Though the cable car is the best way to reach (Tung Chung ↔ Ngong Ping), you can also take the bus number 23(NLB) from Tung Chung or the Bus No. 2(NLB) from Mui Wo. You can reach Mui Wo by taking a ferry from the Outlying Islands piers located in Central.

Attire : It can get chilly so always remember to carry some warm clothing, especially if visiting in the winter months. Always remember to check the weather before you go, and it is always better to go when it is a sunny day for better visibility.

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