Hi! I am Aradhana, a Bombay, India based corporate professional and a passionate travel blogger. Well, when I am not travelling, that is. I shuttle between Hong Kong, where my better half lives, and India.

I really discovered my love for travel when I got married to a person who was forever looking forward to visit new places and have new experiences. While travelling with him, I realised that travel gave me a new perspective, time to rejuvenate and introspect and gave me the courage to try new things.

I now feel like a world citizen. I take pride in my Indian roots but love exploring other countries and experiencing the cultures unique to each of them .

Travelling has been a journey to discover myself, making me feel happy in equal measures in quaint little villages and dazzling world cities, majestic mountains and the pristine blue beaches. I believe that each place has a story to tell.

I have done most of my travels with my better half and my two super naughty kids. It was my son who inspired me to start my own travel blog so that I can share my travel stories with everyone.

So here I am..sharing my experiences and hoping that they would inspire you to travel. I would also love to hear about your experiences and you can do so by way of your comments or by writing guest posts here.

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PS : My blog is not monetised. I just write to share my experiences and motivate everyone to travel. All content is copyrighted to mytravelboots. Unless otherwise stated, the pictures used are my own.