Tung Chung
A view of Tung Chung

The bay, the sunset, the waterfront…

You might wonder, does Tung Chung really need a post? It really really does. For most of those living in Hong Kong (You can read more about Hong Kong here ), it is at a place which is very far from the hot and happening town area and is mostly used as a gateway (Ngong Ping 360 cable car) to the Big Buddha (read here) or a transit point for some trails (Read my post of hike to Mui Wo).

For one, I have been living in Tung Chung since last ten months and have found that it is a place which has many hidden delights. Many a beautiful trails start from here and the location is perfect in the sense that neither does it have the chaos of its more glamorous neighbours nor is it without its own hustle bustle. And basically, you have almost everything which you need to lead a good life is here.

Beauty of Tung Chung

Tung Chung is beautiful place with a beautiful waterfront and I have spent many an hours staring at the sunset and the moon and the mountains and the water. The place is characterised by lush greenery and vistas of the Tung Chung Bay which opens into the South China Sea.

It is surrounded by mountains on all sides and is very clean and green. This picture post is my attempt to capture the beauty of this often neglected place. And a lot of these pictures have been taken from my window :-). Enjoy this place as I do.

A brilliant sunset
Tung Chung
A painted sky
A beautiful rainbow in the Tung Chung Sky
Tung Chung Crescent
The beautiful night sky as viewed from the Tung Chung Crescent Clubhouse
Tung Chung waterfront
Waterfront at Tung Chung
ngongping 360 cable car
The Ngong Ping 360 Cable car
ngongping 360
We can after all be near the Sun 🙂 – Ngong Ping 360
A view of the hills with the trees in full bloom..
In every dark cloud, there is an orange lining 🙂
The night sky-Tung Chung Promenade
Sun hidden behind the trees
Fiery skies
Beautiful view
And another one
Near the airport
People enjoying the sunset at the Promenade

And some random clicks…

If you didn’t get it right, its the moon!
The Lone Ranger
Love is in the air
The Macau Bridge
View of the Hong Kong airport
Caribbean Coast at night
View from the top
Evening view
A beautiful foggy morning
View from the Tung Chung Crescent Complex
Man Tung Road
PC:Seniorita Marimar Manayanaya
PC:Jyoti Khilnani
PC:Emma Forse
PC:Hiral Ganatra

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  1. You r not only a good writer but also an equally gud photographer…. the beauty of Tung Chung is so beautifully depicted in your writing… keep up the gud woun

    1. Thank you so much Debosree for your encouraging comments! Hope to engage you even more with the other posts 🙂

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