Mui Wo
Silvermine Beach

There is a light intensity hike of around 9.6 kms from Tung Chung (where I currently live) to Mui Wo and I had been hearing about it for quite some time. Mui Wo is a small rural town located on Silvermine Bay, on the eastern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong and is known for the Silvermine Water falls, Silvermine Cave and the Silvermine Beach.

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Hike from Tung Chung to Mui Wo

There is a hike from Tung Chung (where I currently live) to Mui Wo and I had been hearing about it for quite some time. So one fine day, while I was walking around in Tung Chung, I just decided to do the hike to Mui Wo, on a whim. Luckily, I was carrying a bottle of water which made my life easy on this 2.5 hour unplanned hike.

Much as I did the hike unplanned, it is always better to come prepared with some water, insect repellant and good hiking shoes since some part of the hike to Mui Wo is fairly steep.

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Tung Chung to Mui Wo hike route

The hike begins from a petrol pump (gas station) in Tung Chung.

In case you are coming from the Tung Chung MTR/Bus station at Futung, come out of the MTR/Bus station and enter the City Gate Mall right next to it. 

Cross the Citygate Mall and once you reach the other side, take the steps on the right leading towards the Man Tung street

Take the steps down towards Man Tung Street

On your way, you will pass the Tung Chung Public Library and the Ling Liang Church Sau Tak Primary School on your right. 

Tung Chung to mui wo
The route leading to the gas station and Hei Tung Road

Keep walking till you see this petrol pump (gas station). 

Tung Chung to mui wo
Gas station/petrol pump next to Hei Tung Road leading to Mui Wo

Take the Hei Tung Road next to the pump. You will see the sign as below:

Tung Chung to mui wo
Follow the Hei Tung Street

Keep walking through a narrow road which leads to a paved road. For roughly 1.6 kms, you will follow this paved road. The train tracks run next to it.

Following the Islands Nature Heritage Trail

Take the pedestrian tunnel and then turn right onto Islands Nature Heritage Trail Mui Wo Section/Mui Wo To Tai Ho Wan.

Look for this sign to Mui Wo

You will reach the Pak Mong Village.

There is the Pak Mong watch tower which you can see. There is also a public toilet in case you wish to freshen up. Keep following the trail.

The path is steep at many places and looks like this.

Mui Wo
Incline on way to Mui Wo

Views on the hike from Tung Chung to Mui Wo

Till Pak Mong village, the view is nothing to talk about. But at a certain point, I got these views which made the hike worth it.

Mui Wo hike
This one made the hike worth it!
South China Sea view
View of the South Lantau Sea
View of the South China Sea

After this, I walked downhill taking these steps and reached the Silvermine cave.

Mui Wo hike
Take these steps to Silvermine Cave

Silvermine Cave, Mui Wo

The Silvermine cave is named so because once upon a time, silver was mined here but was stopped later due to low silver content. The cave is sealed so there is it serves as reminder of the history this place has. Even the hills are named Silvermine 🙂

The Silvermine Cave
A relic of Hong Kong’s past

Silvermine Waterfalls, Mui Wo

A bit of a rest at Silvermine cave, and then I walked ahead and finally reached the Mui Wo or the Silvermine waterfalls.

silvermine waterfalls
Approaching the Silvermine waterfalls

It was summertime and even though there hadn’t been much rainfall at that time, the water was gushing down, making a loud and gurgling noise. I could imagine that it would be so much more beautiful in the rainy season.

Silvermine waterfall
Silvermine or Mui Wo waterfalls

The water looked very cool and inviting. I dipped my feet in the water and felt totally refreshed.

Refreshing..Silvermine waterfalls
The mandatory pic!

After spending sometime, I decided to go back to Tung Chung by bus.

It was another 15-20 minute walk to the ferry pier next to which there is the bus station from where one can get a bus to Tung Chung.

On my way, I passed the Mui Wo village. It was very quiet and I could see some village houses but very few people were there on the streets.

Walking through the Mui Wo Village

Silvermine Beach, Mui Wo

After crossing village, I finally reached the Silvermine Beach but did not spend much time there as it was very hot.

Silvermine beach mui wo
The pretty Silvermine beach at Mui Wo

However, the beach looked quite pretty and a good place to spend some time, when the weather is nice.

Another view of the Mui Wo beach
The beautiful way till the Pier

Heading back

Finally, the trip all done, I crossed the Ferry Pier and reached the bus station next to Mui Wo market.

Since I was very tired, I took the Bus No. 3M from the bus station near Mui Wo market to Tung Chung . In case you wish to come back to Tung Chung walking, take the same route back and you might be greeted with great views like this. It is an easily doable trek both sides and I can tell you based on my experience.

Back to Tung Chung

Have you been there yet?

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