Phuket is the perfect destination for those wanting to experience golden beaches, azure waters, great food and a vibrant night life. And the affordability factor is a big plus. Combine it with the warm Thai hospitality and it is as good as it gets.

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Lai Chi Kok Park

Lai Chi Kok park- a peaceful retreat in Hong Kong

A lot of people know Hong Kong as the financial capital of the world. The skyscraper city. Vibrant and happening. What many people don’t know it that there are many green spots in the city which are literally the lungs of the city. One such beautiful public park is the Lai Chi Kok Park (荔枝角公園) with many recreational facilities and the beautifully planned Lingnan Chinese Garden.

Best Travel Insurance of 2021 – In the times of covid

Traveling is full of excitement and adventure, but if things go wrong, that adventure can turn into a stressful, expensive headache. Travel insurance can protect you from many unexpected expenses, like the cost of hospitalization in a foreign country, or of having to cancel non-refundable hotels or flights.

Night view of Salzburg

Salzburg-spend a perfect day in the musical city

Falling in love with Salzburg is very easy. The city is endowed with beauty all over, has a stunning Baroque architecture with a beautiful old town area, is the birthplace of Mozart and last but not the least, location of the musical-The Sound of Music. Do you need any more reasons to experience this beautiful city?