Chances are, if you are a Hongkonger, you would have visited the Lai Chi Kok Park at some point of time. If not, do it now.

A lot of people know Hong Kong as the financial capital of the world. The skyscraper city. Vibrant and happening. What many people don’t know it that there are many green spots in the city which are literally the lungs of the city. There are beaches and parks where the Hongkongers spend a lot of time.


Lai Chi Kok Park
Serene Surroundings

One such beautiful public park is the Lai Chi Kok Park (荔枝角公園) with many recreational facilities and the beautifully planned Lingnan Chinese Garden. The park has one of the best Skatepark in Hong Kong, a public swimming pool, an indoor sports centre and playgrounds for children.

Lai Chi Kok Park
Beautiful Fountain

Reaching the Park

The park is located right outside the exit to the West Rail Mei Foo station. In case you take the Tsuen Wan line, take the C1 Exit.

A lot of buses will take you to the Park (2A , 6 , 6C , 30X , 33A , 36A , 37 , 38A , 40 , 41 , 41A , 42A , 43C , 44 , 44P , 46X , 86 , 86B , 98C , 98S , 102 , 102P , 102R , 105R , 234X , 238X , 886 , N122 , N237 , N241 , N260 , N269 and Minibus Nos. 90M , 90P , 92M).

Paid car parking can be found near Lai Chi Kok Park Sports Centre and also has 1 designated disabled parking space.

Lai Chi Kok Park

Lingnan Garden

This beautifully landscaped garden is spread over an area of 12,500 square metres with about 2,600 square metres covered with water features. There are lots of scenic spots and you can see a lot of photo shoots and TV shoots taking place.

Lai Chi Kok Park
Children area

The Pond is very pretty and there are fishes and turtles which the children find very interesting.

Lai Chi Kok Park

There are children’s playgrounds with swings, slides and see saws and kids have a whale of a time.

Beautifully designed plantation areas inside and outside the garden and lots of plants and vegetation everywhere make one feel very relaxed. There is an array of flowers on display and make exploring the garden a beautiful experience.

One of the scenic spots in the garden is the “Healthy Pebble Path Zone”, which is a path laid with pebbles. Visitors can walk along the path with their cloth shoes on or barefoot. The walk can stimulate the reflex areas of the feet and hence improve the blood circulation. The path is very popular among the public as it is often filled with visitors.

Find more information on the park here.

Recreational facilities

The swimming facility has two main, three training, two children’s pools and one diving pool. The main pools are 1.2m-1.4m and 1.4m-1.9m in depth.

The skatepark is the largest and the most visited skatepark in Hong Kong. Most of the ramps here are higher than 6 ft (1.8 m) and the skatepark is very popular amongst professional skateboarders such as Chris Haslam, Terrell Robinson, and Mike Peterson. 

There is a soccer pitch, Basket ball cum Volley Ball Courts, Roller skating rink etc. Even chess tables and Fitness stations are provided for.

There are jogging and qualiwalk trails and you will find a lot of people enjoying a morning or evening stroll here.

Lai Chi Kok Park

Final thoughts

The Lai Chi Kok is a park which has something for everyone, be it for families with kids, or couples, elderly people and those who are into sports activities. I would suggest that if you live in Hong Kong, and haven’t visited it yet, do plan a trip to this beautiful park. You won’t be disappointed!

If you have been to Lai Chi Kok Park, how was your experience? Do share it in the comments section.

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